Dual Agency

petersOne of My Favorite Homes to Have Sold!

This mid-century home was so unique, located at the end of a cul de sac with a wonderful view of the City of Vista! The 3 car garage and detached 2 bedroom apartment underneath makes this home stand out from others on the market. Marylee inherited her mother’s home and went through all the mementos before she was ready to sell. Recognizing the seller’s market she knew that it was a better option to sell than to rent. After the open house over the weekend, we had several interested buyers, but one family stood out as serious about taking on a project such as this. Ben and Brooke and their two little boys decided to make an offer and they were represented by me with permission from Marylee and her husband Malcolm.

You hear nightmare stories about dual agency….never do it, it’s unethical, both parties will hate you.

My experience was quite the opposite.

I loved not having to deal with another agent! I dealt with myself!

I also had wonderful fair clients who both came to an equal agreement and I truly believe that each party got a wonderful deal out of the transaction and so do they.

I accomplished something I thought I would never have done and now I get to witness the updates that Ben and Brooke do to the home to make it theirs!

Marylee and Malcolm are two of the most gracious and kindhearted people I have ever met, let alone had the opportunity to serve.

I wish everyone the best and am excited to stay in touch!

I love my career.

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