The Lovely Ladies on Zada Lane!

zada.jpgThe Lovely Ladies on Zada Lane! Jacqueline and her two daughters were the original owners of this 1962 home.

364 Zada Lane was the first home I ever Sold in my Farm in the beautiful hills of Vista and the Monaco women are some of the strongest women I have ever met.

We signed the listing agreement to sell their home in February this year and the Monaco’s repainted, remodeled their bathrooms and updated their covered patio. When I first met with them, the estimated sales price was much lower than the list price in July. Waiting until summer benefited these sellers!

There were many ups and downs with the falling out of escrow with the first buyers. Then a wonderful family came through who had once lived on Zada Lane and missed living in the neighborhood. Their best friends live across the street and they immediately went home and put their home on the market so that they could move back to the street they once had such fond memories on.

We sold for our target sales price of $490,000!

It was a pleasure getting to know the Monaco ladies and their sweet Italian Greyhounds! Such independent women with a very keen sense of justice and I appreciate all of the valuable lessons and tidbits I learned from them. Their kind-hearted family is one to remember. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from such amazing clients.

I wish the Monacos the best on their move to Idaho and I hope their new home provides wonderful memories for their family, just like their home in California has.

I cannot wait to meet more families just like them!

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