My top-rated seminar, How To: Buy A Home, is for anyone thinking of purchasing real estate in North County San Diego. The 45 min-long course covers everything from the pre-approval letter to the closing table, and I teach it alongside my trusted mortgage lender. Together, we teach first-time homebuyers how to navigate the process.

It would be an honor to come to your office next.

To bring How To: Buy a Home to you, please send me an email @

I also teach How To: Buy a Home once a month at various locations across the North County. You learn everything you need to know about home buying in a laid-back setting.

Oh, and it’s free!

To come to the next How To: Buy a Home, please sign up here.

The Next Seminar will be:

February 10th 1-2pm @ Coldwell Banker 40 Main St. Suite E-100




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